Hair care : my summer tips

Protéger ses cheveux en été

Summer’s now obviously here, and you may already have got out your best swimming suit  for gorgeous sunbathing sessions by the seashore.

Sun care products  are your best friends for the weeks coming ahead. But that’s not all! While we all think about protecting our skin from the sun in summer, we may not keep this in mind concerning our hair. And yet, it too needs to be protected from the heat, UV rays, chlorine and salty water.


 Bathing in the sea or swimming pool, walking under the sun at its zenith, facing  wind, sand… all these summer pleasures may damage your beautiful hair and make  its shine fade away. It would be a shame to ruin the colour you’ve worked out for  summer.



Basically, that’s what you need to know :


Don’t worry, though, you can keep your hair and colour shiny all summer long by following a few basic tips.

First of all, remember to cover up your hair while out in the sun. It’s time to get out your straw hats and pretty colourful scarves! On top of an extra summer touch to your outfit, you’ll keep your scalp protected from the sun’s harmful rays and  possible dehydration.

You may also use hair sun sprays , a good alternative if you don’t like to go out with your head covered up. Just like creams used for the skin, these sprays contain a sun filter to protect against UV rays. A great way to keep your hair silky smooth and free all summer long.

To avoid dehydration, think hydration too! Drink water, moisturise your skin… you know the drill. But don’t forget your hair: opt for a gentle shampoo and pamper your hair once or twice a week with a nourishing, moisturising hair mask.

One more tip to protect your hair in summer: keep it tied up. It’s an effective way of protecting your hair from sand, friction and dust. Braid, bun or any other protective hairstyle – now’s the time to be creative !


Rinse your hair with clear water: an essential step after swimming out in the sea! It will help limit salt damage and keep your hair shiny and silky all summer long.

Sun and colour don’t necessarily go together without protection. But don’t worry, Elcea has everything you need. For a complete protection of your colour, treat your hair with our special shampoo for coloured hair, and, once or twice a week, apply the shine-enhancing mask, which preserves and regenerates hair that’s very much in demand at this time of year.

You’re now ready to enjoy a sunny holiday  with well-protected hair. Don’t forget to pack the essentials (hat, mild shampoo…) and… enjoy nice sunny days, while relaxed  and peaceful.