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We make every effort to meet your requirements and answer any questions you may have, because hair is important and requires care and time, because dyeing your hair at home is a precise treatment, because we take pride in achieving a result that meets your expectations. Over to you!


ELCEA hair dyes are permanent dyes that offer 100% coverage for grey hair. Made from 90% natural-origin ingredients, they offer long-lasting hold and shine while being gentle on the scalp.
ELCEA hair dyes contain 90% natural-origin ingredients. Our complementary treatments (shampoo and mask) contain 94% natural-origin ingredients.
No. All ELCEA hair dyes and treatments are prepared and guaranteed free from animal-origin ingredients.
No. In accordance with current regulations, no ELCEA hair dyes or treatments are tested on animals. Laboratoires ELCEA carry out use and safety tests for each of their hair dyes and treatments on volunteers through independent laboratories.
ELCEA hair dyes and treatments are all made in France
Yes, ELCEA hair dyes are suitable for all hair types
Hair dyes can be harsh on hair. To balance, protect and soften your hair, and for lasting colour radiance, we recommend using specially formulated specific care products for dyed or highlighted hair.
We make every effort to offer you quality products. However, if you encounter a problem with any of our hair dyes or treatments, please contact our Customer Relations Department directly:
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How to apply your hair dye

The ELCEA hair dye kit contains: an 80-mL bottle of developer lotion, a 40-mL tube of lightening cream, a 20-mL sachet of hibiscus milk revitalising treatment, an instruction leaflet, a pair of gloves and two disposable sleeves to cover your glasses.
It depends on each individual, but also on the type and length of the hair. However, the dye should be left on for 30 minutes, so the total process should take about 1 hour.
ELCEA hair dyes have been formulated to offer 100% coverage for grey hair, as long as the instructions for use are strictly followed. 83% of our testers confirm that the hair dye is effective in this respect.
It all depends on how often you wash your hair, as Elcéa is a permanent hair dye that lasts until the roots grow out, regardless of the number of washes. If you wash your hair every 3 days, count up to 12 washes before dyeing your hair again.
If you have traces of hair dye on your skin, use a cotton pad soaked in soap and water or 70° alcohol.

Precautious for use

During chemotherapy, the body and all tissues are often under a lot of stress and become fragile. We advise our customers against dyeing their hair during this time.

Dyeing your hair is not, in itself, harmful to women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. However, in the event of an allergy requiring possible medication, there may be a risk factor depending on the type of medication. As a precautionary measure, we recommend avoiding dyeing your hair, unless you are accustomed to the brand.

Wait until 16 years of age before using home hair dyes.

Yes. Hair dyes may cause severe allergic reactions, fortunately only in rare cases. Refer to the contraindications on the pack and read the package leaflet before applying your hair dye.
An allergy test is recommended 48 hours before applying the hair dye. Full details on this test are described in the package leaflet provided in the ELCEA hair dye kit.