Prepare your ELCEA hair colour, step by step

Step 1: Prepare the dye

1. Put on the gloves

Gloves supplied, to be kept on until rinsed

2. Mix the 2 products

Open the tube of hair colour cream A and empty the contents into the bottle of developer
lotion B

3. Mix

Close the developer lotion bottle by tightening the cap, and shake to mix

4. Prepare the bottle tip

Cut the tip of the bottle with scissors, then follow Step 2 “How to apply your hair dye”

Step 2 - Case 1: Application to natural hair

1. Apply the mixture

To dry and unwashed hair, apply the mixture line by line, parting the hair using the nozzle

2. Spread evenly and leave on

Spread the mixture evenly through the hair and leave on for
30 minutes

3. Lather and rinse

Lather with a small amount of water, and rinse thoroughly

4. Apply the treatment

Apply the post-colour treatment in the sachet, leave on for 5 min, then rinse

Step 2 - Case 2: Application to dyed or highlighted hair

1. Apply to the roots

Apply part of the mixture to the roots only, and leave on for 20 minutes

2. Finish applying

Apply the remainder the product to all of your hair, massage to spread evenly, and leave on for
10 minutes

3. Lather

Lather with a small amount of water, then rinse thoroughly

4. Apply the treatment

Apply the revitalising treatment in the sachet; leave on for 5 min, then rinse
Take precautions when dyeing your hair

Allergy test

To perform this test, prepare a small amount of product by mixing 1 dose of lightening cream (A) with 2 doses of developer lotion (B).

Cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or in the hollow of the elbow with a cotton pad soaked in soap and water or 70° alcohol. Apply the mixture to this area. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and wipe. If any redness, stinging or itching appears within 48 hours of application, do not use the product. If you do not react to the test, this does not guarantee that you won’t react when applying the product in the future, but carrying out this test is an important precaution. See a doctor if you are unsure as to whether your skin is sensitive.

Read all precautions and contraindications carefully in the leaflet provided.

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