Hair and dermocosmetics

Our history at ELCEA

ELCEA is a hair dye brand created in Italy, and purchased by the family business, Laboratoires Noreva, in 2000.

Specialising in dermocosmetics, Noreva contributes its knowledge of the dermatological ecosystem and its scientific expertise to the brand, day to day.

Hair and life

Our philosophy

Who wouldn’t want hair that matches our aspirations and make it even more beautiful?

At some points in life, we feel a need to “do something”… Signs of grey hairs that we haven’t (yet) learned to embrace, a personal life event, the simple desire for a new look… ELCEA offers its permanent hair colour range in response to such situations, allowing women to feel beautiful.

Vitality and gentleness

Our values at ELCEA

Our hair is one of our first stand-out characteristics. ELCEA has set itself the goal of making hair more beautiful, through scientific integrity and creativity.
Our goal is to offer effective hair dyes, by constantly developing comfortable, natural formulas that are gentle on the hair ecosystem, and nourish hair while making it more beautiful. Our brand and our teams at Laboratoire Noreva take pride in this approach.
Secrets of nature for beautiful hair

Our key ELCEA ingredients


Hibiscus milk, extracted from the seed, for hair dyes and treatments. Protects and repairs the hair fibre, while making hair easier to detangle.


Palm oil, extracted from the stone and flesh of the fruit from the tree. Regenerating and anti-drying properties.


Pomegranate extract for the mask and shampoo. Anti-oxidant effect on hair, providing softness and shine. Revitalises the hair.

Castor oil

A castor oil derivative that strengthens, protects and adds shine to hair.

Our expertise

Products tested under dermatological supervision*

Our company has set itself the task of offering equal expertise on the hair ecosystem as for other areas of the skin…
Clinical tests on ELCEA hair dyes offer very promising results!

Coverage of grey hair

ELCEA colour covers all grey hairs

Intense colour

ELCEA dyes give hair an intense, natural colour

Gentle on the scalp

ELCEA permanent dyes are gentle on the scalp

Leave hair easier to style

After dyeing, hair is easier to style
*Tested under dermatological supervision – 29 users aged 37-66 years, with at least 50% grey hair.