For a glamorous fall, brighten up !

Eclaircir ses cheveux

Fall has come now, and you may start longing towards those weeks in September when memories of idleness and summer days were still there.

But the start of autumn is just a very inspiring period of the year, often offering ‘Indian summer’ days with warm light and leaves taking on a golden or flamboyant hue. Wouldn’t this be a good time to match your hair to nature’s radiance? Give it some light by subtly lightening it up?On top of picking the best out of the season mood, it’s a great way to brighten up your face, refresh your look and enjoy a cheerful, optimistic fall.

There are many ways to lighten up your hair ;  some are more reliable than others and with more or less conclusive results.

There are quite many homemade recipes for this : honey, chamomile, lemon… You can make your own lightening mask. But be careful about how your hair may react. Not allof them do it the same way. You need to test your mix on a single hair strand first. For gorgeous golden highlights in your hair, your homemade recipe should be accompanied by sun exposure.

You may also use bleaching technique. It allows you to dramatically change your hair colour by opening the hair scales and removing your natural color pigments pigments. Although very effective, this method causes considerable damage to the hair, with the risk of your hair becoming dry, brittle and more fragile.

To ensure high hair respect respect together with effective results, the best is to opt for permanent colouring.    This method will allow you regain your pretty summer highlights by lightening your hair by a maximum of one or two shades.


For light brown hair, you can opt for a dark blonde; for light blonde hair, you can choose a very light blonde. For dark brown hair, don’t hesitate to look at golden light brown

Highlights or balayage, what's the difference?

If you want to add a little fantasy and fun to your hair, highlights or balayage are also good ways to brighten up your natural colour.


The surest way to tell balayage and highlights apart is the technique. 


For highlights, the hairdresser dyes the hair from root to tip, leaving natural hair in between- to do this, he uses foils to keep the highlighted hair separate from the natural hair.


For a balayage, your colourist will darken or lighten certain hair strands by only a few shades, leaving the roots intact; it is is truly an art.


Other differences between highlights and balayage lie in the final effect – highlights offer more contrast than balayage where only fine strands are lightened, giving your hair delicate highlights,  price – more attractive in the case of balayage, and maintenance – every 3 months for balayage, and more frequent touch-ups in the case of highlights, to eliminate what is called root effect- because highlights are coloured from the base of the hair, much darker roots appear when the hair grows back.


Now It’s up to you to choose the hairstyle that suits your lifestyle for the best.

Coming back to balayage, there are two different types depending on your natural colour : 

Californien balayage for blonde and light brown hair. 


Honey balayage for dark brown, brunette and black hair.  

Have a happy back-to-autumn time  with your shiny scalp!